Aho Girl (Review)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen


What is it about?

Yoshiko Hanabatake is an idiot beyond all belief. Somehow managing to consistently score zeroes on all of her tests and consumed by an absurd obsession with bananas, her senseless acts have caused even her own mother to lose all hope. Only one person is up to the task of keeping her insanity in check: childhood friend Akuru “A-kun” Akutsu.

Though he bemoans the ridiculous behavior he has to endure, the studious but terrifying A-kun is always ready to put an end to any stupidity Yoshiko gets up to, with no qualms about using physical force. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he attempts to knock some sense into her, the girl bounces right back to her usual shenanigans, even dragging in some other eccentrics along for the ride. Try as he might to rein in her nonsense, every moment is unpredictable with Yoshiko and her profound idiocy on the loose.

What did I think about it?

ACTIVE. If I had to pick one word to describe Aho Girl it would be active. Every single person in the anime has a crazy amount of energy. Which is logical because most of them are totally crazy. Even the main male character who is supposed to be the normal one, isn’t normal. There is a ridiculous amount of running, jumping and kicking in this anime.

ABSURD. If I should pick another word it would be absurd. Because guys, there isn’t much logic in this anime. This one gets from normal to what-the-hell-is-happening in 0,1 seconds.

FUN. The last word, because this anime may be active and absurd, but it is also SO MUCH FUN. It is fun in a way that you don’t have to think and it still makes you laugh. I liked it and all its absurdity. If you don’t get what I mean just look at the intro. The intro is active, absurd and fun. It shouldn’t be good, but it is. Just watch and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

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