Devilman Crybaby Review

Genres: Action, Demons, Horror, Supernatural What is it about? Akira Fudo is informed by his best friend Ryou Asuka that the demons will revive and reclaim the world from the humans. As the humans do not stand a chance against the supernatural power of the demons, Ryou suggests fusing with a demon. Akira becomes Devilman,... Continue Reading →

Hundred (Review)

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Harem, Romance, Ecchi, Mecha, School What is it about? When an extraterrestrial organism known as "Savage" attacks mankind, the only technology capable of combating the enemy is a weapon known as “Hundred.” A survivor of a Savage attack, Hayato Kisaragi is a teenager boasting the highest compatibility level with the aforementioned technology... Continue Reading →

No Game No Life (Review)

Genre: Game, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, Fantasy What is it about? No Game No Life is a surreal comedy that follows Sora and Shiro, shut-in NEET siblings and the online gamer duo behind the legendary username "Blank." They view the real world as just another lousy game; however, a strange e-mail challenging them to a... Continue Reading →

Blue exorcist season 2 (Review)

Genres: Action, Demons, Supernatural, Fantasy, Shounen What is it about? The ExWire of True Cross Academy are beset with shock and fear in the aftermath of discovering that one of their own classmates, Rin Okumura, is the son of Satan. But for the moment, they have more pressing concerns than that of Rin's parentage: the... Continue Reading →

Strike the blood – season 1 (Review)

Genres: Action, Harem, Supernatural, Ecchi, Vampire, Fantasy, School What is it about? Kojou Akatsuki's days as an ordinary high school student in the Demon District of Itogami Island come to an abrupt end after a fateful encounter leaves him with the remarkable abilities of a vampire. It isn't long before he is thrust into the... Continue Reading →

Servamp (Review)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Vampire What did I think about it? Oh guys, I really loved this anime. I know I should be little critical about the whole vampire-supernatural thing since there so many of them you could die trying to watch them all. But this one was just good. Let’s start by the... Continue Reading →

Inu X Boku SS (Review)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural What is it about? The Shirakiin house's daughter, Shirakiin Ririchiyo, who has a complex about being unable to live independently and unprotected, feels the need to move out and live on her own under the condition of residing in the mansion named "Ayakashi Kan." In this mansion, only those who have cleared a very... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tail (Review)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen Fairy Tail is, and always will be, my favorite anime. This is why this review will be much longer then the other ones. What is Fairy Tail? Lucy Heartfilia, a traveling wizzard, meets Natsu Dragneel, a wizzard looking for his foster parent, a Dragon named Igneel, with his best friend, Happy, a blue, talking and flying cat. Shortly... Continue Reading →

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